Ever wondered why in spite of serving sumptuous food, you are not able to garner enough customers to increase business? One of the reason could be the poor and abysmal quality of your menu card. Menu card is the first impression of the restaurant on your guests. The attractiveness of the menu card plays a pivotal role in determining the behavior of the guests in his stay at the restaurant. A menu card which is dull and insipid will not enthuse guests to try out all the culinary items on offer. On the other hand, an “Digital Menu” card which is interactive and has a dynamic menu will have a significant impact on the guest’s behavior. Digital Menu┬ácard also provides more clarity and provides your guest detailed information on what to expect in your restaurant. A menu card which looks appealing and attractive is a visual treat for the customer’s eye. If you are planning to provide the new experience ┬áto your guests then look no further than TappyOka.
TappyOka designed to keep patrons and restaurants happy, has a solution to provide you the required Digital menu. TappyOka, having the latest interface which supports dynamic menu updation, integration with POS, visual images of dishes to give better idea about dishes, promotion facilities and lots more is the ideal partner for your restaurant business. Do reach out to us at www.tappyoka.com to know more about our product and offerings.