Creating a New Restaurant

1.You need to log into the application with the admin user name and password(by default username: admin and password is admin). The first step in creating a new restaurant is to click ‘Restaurants’ from the Restaurant Master in Setting Section. 

restaurant setup

2. The  screen will ask you for some basic information. To begin, you must choose a Restaurant name. You will want this to be a unique name, as it will be what identifies your restaurant  If your name is the same as another restaurant which is already there, it will cause confusion. The restaurant name can be changed later.

3. Next, you must fill in the other details of the restaurant like the address, telephone number, Tin No, Service Tax no as they will be used in bill printing.

4. Now, you are going to need to choose a printer. The printer that you choose over here will be used to print the bills.( By default there would be no printers as you need to create printers in the printer section which we will be learning later).

5. Next up is the choose a image. The image over would be reflected in the customer mode in the tablets.

6. Next up is creating Places. You can do this by selecting places menu and entering a place name , description and uploading an image.(The places are basically dividing your restaurant into different sections, so that its user for the staff to allocate captains or order takers).

7. Now you need to create tables. The tables can be created by selecting the table section from the Restaurant Master and entering the table name, no of pax(no of seats for that table), Place name and restaurant.