Tappyoka is designed to be easy to learn and even easier to use. Even though a great deal of TappyOka’s functionality is as easy to discover, this manual attempts to provide a comprehensive reference to all of TappyOka’s features, both for beginners and advanced users.

This manual is divided in a series of chapters, and within those, sections that each address a single topic. Use the navigation column on the left to find the chapter that corresponds most closely with what you are looking for and chances are you’ll find what you are looking for right there.

For any questions that remain unanswered in this manual, please take a look at the other support options available on our website at www.tappyoka.com/support. There you will find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page as well as options to get personal assistance from our support staff.

As with every aspect of TappyOka, we more than welcome your feedback regarding this manual. If you feel that something is unclear or that any topic needs a more in-depth explanation, please let our support team know.

The support section of our website also provides information about the TappyOka Annumal Maitenance Contract, a service that includes one on one online and phone support, complementary major software updates. For more information, head over to www.tappyoka.com/support.