TappyOka includes a feature packed waiter module that is available on both iOS and Android devices, and integrates with our POS solution to comprehensively digitize your wait staff processes.

Quick Ordering

The TappyOka waiter mode enables your waitstaff to open tables, create/review orders, transfer KOTs and generate bills on demand, via an Android or iOS device (iPhone/iPod Touch). Since there is no paper trail or duplicity in information input, waiters can now send orders to the kitchen and cashier instantly, and spend more time serving customers.

Eliminate Order & Billing Errors

With the removal of paper based KOTs and significantly fewer steps to input information, the Waiter mode significantly reduces order and billing related deviations, while also allowing a mechanism to retrace where errors may have originated.

Why Choose The TappyOka Waiter Mode

At Switch, we strive to create products that are user oriented, with class-leading functionality and very low training barriers. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our Waiter Mode. The module is available for both iOS and Android, and enables your wait staff to completely manage the order, KOT transfer and billing process without any manual or paper based intervention. The system comes with an intuitive, gesture driven interface that is simple to adopt and extremely fast in performance. Real technology to drive wait staff productivity!

Key Features

  • Dynamic Table Management – Instantly open, allocate and shift tables and sessions
  • Real Time View – Review orders, check table status, request cheques and more in real time
  • Order Customization – Capture and send specific instructions and detailed modifiers with the KOT