TappyOka features a boundary busting Point-of-sale (POS) that integrates with iOS and Android devices, and includes cloud-based, remote access, empowering you to have a complete pulse of your hospitality business, from any corner of the world.

Complete Integration

Our POS solution seamlessly integrates with our digital menu tablets, enabling direct commutation between your Menus and the POS. Every time a customer places an order using our digital menu, it goes directly into the restaurant’s POS system, eliminating the need for your wait staff to manually enter the order. With an interface that has been designed to work  for even those who aren’t too tech-savvy, our POS has been engineered to be self explanatory, extremely user-friendly and visually oriented. Set up time is extremely quick with minimum training requirements, and the whole solution has been developed for owner driven execution from installation to deployment.

Power Packed

Like our Digital Menus (Customer Mode), TappyOka’s POS system is completely customizable. The Solution can be deployed on the cloud, so you can manage operations remotely, or as a native desktop application. With a large inventory of sales and transactional reporting, in built analytics, multiple sales points and several other features, our POS solution is custom made to suit your restaurant’s needs.

Why Choose The TappyOka POS

At Switch, we strive to design products that are feature packed, that keep the end user in mind, and still remain simple to use. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our POS. A boundary bustin’ platform that has simplified all of the features and functionality of a traditional POS system, and then some. With a light deployment design, installation barely takes any time. With a highly visual interface, training barely takes any time. Get industry leading software that runs as fast as your business!.

Key Features

  • Standout Visualization & Colorification – Using and managing the POS now a cake walk
  • Simple & Easy Format – Train the average staff member in minutes
  • In-Built Analytics – Get canned reporting, charts, graphs and more
  • Cloud or Native – Future Ready! Expansion Ready!