TappyOka includes a Kitchen Display System that provides a visible, real-time dashboard to manage and control kitchen orders. Mounted in your kitchen or bar prep area, the KDS gives your kitchen staff a visual display of all all orders along with timing and status.

Why Choose The TappyOka Kitchen Display System

At Switch, our maniacal focus on the end user has led us to build innovative modules that just make running restaurants a breeze. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our Kitchen Display System. Deployable on any standard wireless tablet, the system provides a host of features to manage orders including late order notifications, current order status, closed order tracking, custom timers, easy expediting and a lot more!

Key Features

  • Order Display – With Table #, special instructions, modifiers, et al.
  • Alert Customization – Allows users to define sounds for notifications
  • Dynamic Views – Stacked dynamic views that change as orders come in or go out
  • Order Tracking – Pull up closed orders and recall information easily