TappyOka features a boundary bustin’ customer oriented digital menu system that can be deployed on both iOS and Android devices, and integrates with our POS solution to comprehensively digitize your in-restaurant operations

TappyOka from aruncheela on Vimeo.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

TappyOka brings your menus to life with vivid, colorful high resolution images and beautiful digital interfaces. With graphical cataloging of menu items, built in animations and beautiful fonting, guests are provided with visceral imagery of your entire menu, encouraging them to try ¬†items, they would have otherwise seldom ordered. With increased levels of customer engagement right from ordering, through dining, patrons tend to order 20% more food when subjected to TappyOka’s Customer Mode

Deeper Customer/Staff Relationship

The TappyOka customer mode enables a deeper level of communication with your customers. The system allows customers to send special instructions to the chef, customize dishes, respond to offers immediately, share feedback with management and broadcast to social networks, opening up a dedicated channel for operators to engage with customers in premise.

Why Choose The TappyOka Customer Mode

At Switch, our design led development philosophy drives us to create products that are crafted for functionality. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our Customer Mode. An Industry leading solution that works on both iOS and Android, giving restaurant operators options tailored for their incumbent models. The entire system is completely customizable right from the menu options, to the layout, to the images, to the modifiers, et al. And with a highly visual interface, even the most unsavvy customers will be comfortable operating our digital menus. Get powerful software to further enable your customers!

Key Features

  • Great User Experience – Beautifully rendered visuals and information that enhance the order experience
  • Order Customization – Capture impulse orders, specify modifications and give special instructions
  • Integrated Feedback – Solicit feedback instantly and aggregate patterns in the data
  • Social Integration – Socialize and broadcast, in-premise, at the table
  • Guaranteed Upselling – Upsell 100% of the time and deploy across the order cycle
  • Market Complementary Services – Advertise for ancillaries and push offers instantly

We also offer a wide range of affordable tablets at cost or lease, that can support TappyOka’s ¬†customer mode