The advent of digital tablets and intuitive touch screen technology has led to a radical shift in how restaurant menus are created and perceived. The menu as we know it has evolved from the traditional image-less print based option to today’s highly visual, rich media interfaces.

TappyOka offers the most comprehensive solution-set to make your restaurant relevant in today’s time. Our highly and easily customizable Digital Menus seamlessly integrate with our full-feature Point-of-Sale (POS) system and power-packed Waiter Module. The system further integrates with our intelligent Kitchen Display and takes the experience beyond the restaurant via our Consumer app – Mobular.


A 5-Point modular native solution that work on both iOS and Android.

The TappyOka proposition brings the following effects to your bottom line:

Cut Staff Costs: With the TappyOka customer and waiter modules, your wait staff are in a position to handle twice as many tables, as they will be primarily focused on serving rather than taking and managing orders. Having fewer waiters already saves tens of thousands in overhead costs.

Zero Menu Costs: The average restaurant menu needs an overhaul twice every year due to every day wear and tear, besides being rigid in terms of what and when a particular item can be offered. Save on what would otherwise be spent on reprinting menus every time you change price, add an item or simply want a newer menu card. TappyOka allows you to update your Android or iPad menus in seconds!

POS Right Priced: Our POS solution costs 50% less than most major systems available in the market, few of which offer digital menu and waiter device integration, or real time reservations. With a powerful waiter mode, a customized consumer app, and daily reports via e-mail, we’ll also custom build any additional feature at your request.

Understand Your Food (And Customers): With guests leaving feedback after their meals, along with our POS report integration, you can be instantly cognizant of your customer’s preferences. Improve or eliminate less popular dishes, Bundle and upsell more likely combinations, Manage customer pulse in near real time!

Suggestive Upselling: Our built-in upsell feature ensures profitable dishes are suggested, as well as likely combinations are bundled, leveraging highly customizable and easy to manage algorithms. Now move inventory and appeal to customers preferences proactively

Customer Driven Marketing: Customers can now advocate and recommend your restaurant to their friends on Facebook and other social networks, immediately during or after their meals at the touch of a button, directly from our menus. They can also send a recommendation to their friends using our smartphone app. With comprehensive social media integration, TappyOka allows your customers to spread the good word about your business farther, wider and quicker. Word-of-mouth marketing in the food business never looked better!

Faster Table Turns: Since the ordering and paying processes are expedited, customers now spend lesser time at their tables. This means more potential table turns, fewer customers waiting and more sales for you.

Deeper Interaction: Enable deeper interaction with your guests. Customers can now order food, communicate specific requests to the chef,  request a waiter’s attention, leave feedback, make reservations…all way more easily

Differentiate With “WOW”: Studies indicate that customers are likely to order 20% more food using a digital menu vis-a-vis a paper menu. High resolution images, with details about ingredients, calorie information and dynamic options appeal a great deal more to customers and their doing experience. Throw in the ability to social network, play games and surf the internet, and you’ll immediately notice a huge jump in customer satisfaction!

Earth Friendly: It is estimated, that the average sized restaurant uses at least 10 rolls of paper every week. TappyOka allows you to make a significant step towards paperless operations. Order taking, KOT transfers, Bill generation now completely digitized.