TappyOka is an innovative patron and wait staff ordering system with restaurant POS that revolutionizes the dining experience as well as significantly enhances the operator’s ability to manage and market their business on premise. The system comes with five intuitive modules for the restaurant kitchen, the wait staff and the guests. All modules are highly customizable and work across platforms seamlessly. The solution can be deployed across a variety of hardware options, and is available for both iOS and Android, giving operators the flexibility to adopt a solution that resonates with their incumbent business model.

And with a set up and go-live time of less than three hours, TappyOka truly delivers powerful enterprise software instantly. Software that is agile, modular and addresses custom needs of all kinds of restaurant operators – those that want to give their guests an enhanced dining experience, or those that want to run their KOT operations seamlessly, or those that are simply looking for a dynamic, zero down time POS system.

TappyOka is brought to you by SWITCH, a fast-growing app and cloud company that is working on the next generation of product ideas to tech-enable people’s lives. You can find more information about us at www.thisisswitch.com